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Hong Kong's subway call MTR (Mass Transit Railway)

Hong Kong's Railway call KCR (Kowloon Canton Railway)

Photos Item No.

Ticket & Card 

 Unit Price (US$)

MTR Souvenir Tickets pack

MTR Ticket only 

tang.jpg (95504 個位元組) MTRtan Deng Teresa Souvenir 3 tickets pack


HK_airport.jpg (40300 個位元組) MTRtus01 Hong Kong Tourist Souvenir subway ticket - Airport


tsing_ma_bridge.jpg (33846 個位元組) MTRtmb Tsing Ma Bridge walk for a million souvenir subway ticket


panda ticket.gif (28203 個位元組) MTR19971 Panda Subway ticket pair


frog.jpg (41358 個位元組) MTRwwf3 Beauty of Nature subway tickets pack for WWF (3)


wwf_bird.jpg (54078 個位元組) MTRwwf4 Beauty of Nature subway tickets pack for WWF (4)


wwf.jpg (47008 個位元組) MTRwwf1 Beauty of Nature subway ticket pack for WWF (1)


MTR12AN1 12 year of Animals subway ticket 


99rabbit.jpg (64528 個位元組) MTRrab 99 Year of Rabbit subway ticket pack


94flower_show.jpg (88284 個位元組) MTR94fs 94 Hong Kong Flower Show Subway ticket pack


96flower_show.jpg (46543 個位元組) MTR96fs 96 Hong Kong Flower Show subway ticket pack


police.jpg (20968 個位元組) MTRpo150 150th Anniversary of Hong Kong Police MTR ticket


lovers.jpg (48120 個位元組) MTRlove Valentine's day subway tickets pack 


chanpochu.jpg (43139 個位元組) MTRcha Chan Bo Chu subway 2 tickets pack


chinabank_issue_bill.jpg (30917 個位元組) MTR94ib China Bank issuance Hong Kong bank notes subway ticket


HK_return_book.jpg (35106 個位元組) MTR97rt 97 Hong Kong return to China subway ticket


city_u_10th.jpg (60920 個位元組) MTRctu10 City Polytechnic of Hong Kong 10th Anniversary subway ticket


HK_Tram90th.jpg (61554 個位元組) MTR90tr Hong Kong Tramways 90ty Anniversary Subway ticket


KCR Souvenir Tickets

dolphin.jpg (57038 個位元組) KCRdol Chinese White Dolphin train ticket pack $10
king_9.jpg (66999 個位元組) KCRpk9 Peking Kowloon Through Passenger Train comm. ticket $15 
canton9.jpg (50102 個位元組) KCRcan9 Guangzhou - Kowloon High speedThrough train tickets pack  $18
93flower_show.jpg (23821 個位元組) MTR93fs 93 Hong Kong Flower Show Train ticket pack


95flower_show.jpg (30093 個位元組) KCR95fs 95 Hong Kong Flower Show Train ticket pack


97flower_show.jpg (54157 個位元組) KCR97fs 97 Hong Kong Flower Show train ticket pack


99flower_show.jpg (60168 個位元組) KCR99fs 99 Hong Kong Flower Show train ticket pack


spring.jpg (214832 個位元組) KCRsp Lunar Calendar Solar Terms - Spring Train 6 tickets pack $28
summer.jpg (213976 個位元組) KCRsu Lunar Calendar Solar Terms - Summer Train 6 tickets pack $28
autumn.jpg (70223 個位元組) KCRau Lunar Calendar Solar Terms - Autumn Train 6 tickets pack $28
winter.jpg (65203 個位元組) KCRwi Lunar Calendar Solar Terms - Winter Train 6 tickets pack $28
car_temple.jpg (35792 個位元組) KCRca Che Kung Temple Train ticket pack $9
94nt_council.jpg (48537 個位元組) KCRrcf Regional Council Festival train ticket   $9

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