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Silver sets

Photos Item no.


Unit price (US$)

97fish2.jpg (47151 個位元組) SC-97-LBS 97 Lucky Boy w/carp 2 pcs set sold
cheung_tai_chin_box1.jpg (30729 個位元組) SC-99-20ZD 1999 Modern Chinese Painting Master - Zhang Daqian silver pair set SOLD
hk_silver_bar.jpg (42488 個位元組) SC-98-80HK 98 China comm. for Hong Kong New Look silver bar set 2oz x 4 pcs SOLD
86_people3_set.jpg (109486 個位元組) SC-86-HP3 86 China Historical People proof silver set (series 3) sold
SC-82-FB 1982 China for Spain World Cup Football Match silver coins set SOLD
chow100_twin.jpg (38297 個位元組) SC-98-ZE 98 Zhou Enlai 100th Proof silver 1oz coins set sold
03tree_pair.jpg (29294 個位元組) SC-03-20T 2003 China Environmental Protection - Chinese Arbor Day two coins set sold
dunghuang_setbox.jpg (40937 個位元組) BC-00-120D 2000 Dunhuang great silver coin 6pcs set SOLD
85tibet_set.jpg (43016 個位元組) SC-85-TAS 85 20th founding of Tibet Autonomous Region Proof pair set RARE! RARE! SOLD
99fan_pic.jpg (60983 個位元組) SC-99-40F 99 Fan Paintings silver coins 4 pcs set RARE! SOLD
prc_50th_box.jpg (30745 個位元組) SC-99-50TH 1999 China 50th Anniversary of Founding SOLD
sochau.jpg (25226 bytes) SC-99-40SU SoZhou Garden Silver coins assembled coins bar 1oz x 4 pcs with gift box  SOLD
palace_box.jpg (31957 個位元組) SC-97-50CP 97 China Palace silver coins, 5 pcs/set, (1oz x 5, 10 yuan x 5) SOLD
tsei_square2.jpg (75934 個位元組) SC-97-20QB 97 Modern Chinese Painting Master - Qi Baishi Rectangular silver coins set SOLD
96g_long_riverbox.jpg (23717 個位元組) SC-96-TG-SET 1996 China Three Gorges gold coin 1/2 oz and 4 x 2oz   SOLD
96kwun_yin_pair.jpg (41140 bytes) BC-96-20K 96 PROOF Kwun Yin silver coin 1oz pair  RARE! RARE! SOLD
95dinosaur_sil.jpg (63804 個位元組) SC-95-20CD 1995 Chinese Dinosaur silver pair set SOLD
oylmpic100box.jpg (63884 個位元組) SC-94-OG-SET 94 Olympic Games 100th gold & silver coins set SOLD
baby.jpg (79342 個位元組) SC-94-40CP 94 Children Playing Pictures silver coins set  SOLD
rare1.jpg (29867 個位元組) SC-88-RA1 88 China Rare Animal (1st set) 1 oz x 2 pcs  SOLD
rare2.jpg (36585 個位元組) SC-89-RA2 89 China Rare Animal (2nd set) SOLD
90_people7_s.jpg (114425 個位元組) SC-90-HP7 90 China Historical People proof silver set (series 7) SOLD
history1.jpg (62351 個位元組) SC-85-HP2 85 China Historical People proof silver set (series 2) SOLD
history2.jpg (64535 個位元組) SC-84-HP1 84 China Historical People proof silver set (series 1) SOLD

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