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China Silver coins

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tai_tong.jpg (23807 bytes)SILVER COINS

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2004 Deng Xiaoping Commemorative 1oz. silver coin 

03spring_s.jpg (80643 個位元組) SC-03-10sf 2003 China Spring Festival (Chinese new year) silver 1oz sold
03pingpump.jpg (35909 個位元組) SC-02-10pp 2002 50th Founding China Table Tennis Team SOLD
02exbition.jpg (60820 個位元組) SC-02-10E 2002 China Beijing International Stamp & Coin Exposition 2002 SOLD
02_3star.jpg (79228 個位元組) SC-02-20SM 2002 Sichuan Sanxigdui Museum silver 2oz  SOLD
02dragon_boat.jpg (93046 個位元組) SC-02-10a 2002 China Dragon Boat Festival silver 1oz  SOLD
y2k_silver.jpg (34433 bytes) SC-00-10M 2000 Millennium silver coin 1 oz, PROOF SOLD
china50th_5oz.jpg (119427 個位元組) SC-99-50TH 99 China Founding 50th Anniversary 5 oz silver bar SOLD
leopard.jpg (62829 個位元組) SC-98-WWF 98 China WWF silver coin - Leopard sold
tai_tong.jpg (23807 bytes) SC-98-TT 98 China TANG Dynasty silver 1oz   sold
98all_new10.jpg (41497 個位元組) SC-98-10R 98 Revitalization silver 1oz 10 yuan SOLD
98spring_10.jpg (22991 bytes) SC-98-10S 98 Greeting Spring silver coin 10 yuan 1 oz  sold
97spring_proof.jpg (49633 個位元組) SC-97-SP 97 Greeting Spring PROOF silver coin 1oz  sold
dragon_circle.jpg (36515 bytes) SC-98-10DC 98 China Dragon Culture (1st set) silver coin sold
Thai.jpg (33383 bytes) SC-97-10CT 97 Sino-Thailand Friendship silver coin 10 yuan 1 oz  sold
97big_bird.jpg (39041 bytes) SC-97-10B 97 China PEACOCK silver coin 1oz, 10 yuan SOLD
96post_100th.jpg (39303 個位元組) SC-96-10S 96 China Postal service 100th silver 1oz sold
95women_club.jpg (40911 個位元組) SC-95-10WW 95 4th World Women's Conference silver 1oz SOLD
94sino_sing.jpg (41784 個位元組) SC-94-10SS 1994 Sino-Singapore Friendship silver 1oz  SOLD
mao.jpg (19372 bytes) SC-93-10MO 93 China 100th Mao Zhedong's brith comm. Currency coin 10 yuan RARE! sold
phonix.jpg (39909 bytes) SC-90-10DP 90 China Dragon & Phoenix silver 1 oz  sold
SC-90-5DP 90 China Dragon & Phoenix silver 2 grams coin SOLD
SC-83-5MP 83 China Marco Polo Proof silver 2 grams coin SOLD
97boyfish_10.jpg (27587 bytes) SC-97-10LB-X 97 Lucky Boy w/carp EXTRA Thickness silver 2oz   sold
03mid_autumn3.jpg (78253 個位元組) SC-01-MA 2001 Mid-autumn Festival silver 1oz  sold 
2001coin_show.jpg (69500 個位元組) SC-01-10E 2001 China Beijing International Coin Exposition silver coin 1oz  sold 
tsai_ba_shek.jpg (40174 個位元組) SC-97-100QBS 1997 Qi Baishi (famous Chinese painter) silver coin 12oz  JUMBO


97boy_5s.jpg (30286 個位元組) SC-97-5LB-X 97 Lucky Boy w/carp EXTRA Thickness silver 1oz   sold 
95world_united.jpg (34086 個位元組) SC-95-10UN 1995 China 50th of United Nations silver 1oz sold
mo_5oz.jpg (31760 個位元組) SC-93-50MO 93 China 100th Mao Zhedong's brith comm. Currency coin 5oz - 50 yuan BIG sold
taiji.jpg (35014 bytes) SC-93-TJ 93 Ancient Chinese Inventions and Discoveries (Taijitu) sold
92marco.jpg (30224 個位元組) SC-92-5MP 92 China Marco Polo Proof silver coin 15 grams sold
china_bank_silver.jpg (58826 個位元組) SM0001 The Peoples Construction Bank of China Hong Kong Branch Set up Medal 


all_new_silver$5_sandy.jpg (32619 bytes) SC-98-5R 98 Revitalization silver 1/2 oz 5 yuan  


UNEPF.JPG (27464 bytes) SC-92-10EP 92 China Year of Environmental Protection silver coin sold
hope_10.jpg (9400 bytes) SC-99-10HP  99 Hope Project 10 years anniversary silver coin 10 yuan 1 oz sold
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