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Chinese carving - Monkey mom and babies

$6 / each

This are some Chinese carvings for monkeys. Monkey is one of the 12 Lunar animal. Chinese always will collect the animal represent their birth year. It is dark brown (makes like ancient color). I don't know what is this made of, looks like wood, stone or mud. Seems handmade because everyone with some difference although in same style. I bought this from a local market in Peking (also known as Beijing - capital of China). I love the fine engraving.

We pay for airmail with excellent packing.

Year of Monkey 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980,1992, 2004

1. Monkey mom and baby have peaches

Leight : about 4.7 cm

A monkey mother holding a baby and peaches and a baby is climbing on the back


2. Monkey showing classics  

This is the smallest carving of mine - about 2.8mm high and long. There is three monkeys, each showing a famous classics words, I try my best to translate but limited by my poor English. But if you know Chinese culture well, you will understand whatever. 

Don't see if you shouldn't

Don't say if you shouldn't

Don't hear if you shouldn't


The above photos only showing you a sample. Each with a little bit difference but similar (handmade product can't do 100% same).

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