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Copper Pair Lions 2 (free shipping)


China have many Lucky Animal. Such like Dragon, Kylin, Pixiu (such usually found in Palace), and  Dragon Tortoise and this Lions (can found in common people's home). Lion means brave and Strong. Usually we will use a pair of lion, male and female - represent "Yang" and "Yin" (if you know about Chinese culture, you must know what is Yin-Yang, Yin and yang, the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine (or power of the moon) and negative and the latter masculine (or power of the Sun) and positive (and not only that). Sorry that my English is poor to explain more detail of Yin-Yang, it means too..... much). It means mix power of Yin Yang.

Rich chinese always put a big pair of Lion in front of the outer door. This is for Fengshui purpose (You always can see this lions in front of chinese banks. (HSBC have a pair very famous, see the below photo). We believe that animal can guard home by block black lucks, ghost, clear attacks and block virus (only work in copper made). So, it is a common and popular ornament of rich men's home in the past (and even now can be found in big buildings, shops, banks in China).

This is the pair lions of HSBC on Hong Kong banknote

Other than the good meaning behind this Chinese Lion, it also looks very nice. Full of Chinese culture. You can tread this only a Chinese craftwork. It must be a good present for your family or good friends.

It should made of copper. I bought it from a local market of Peking.

We pay $11 for shipping with excellent packing (it's quite heavy).

Length : about 5.5 cm

Height : about 3.3 cm

Width : about : 3.2 cm

Front view

Back view

Back view

I have few pairs on hand and each with a little bit difference but similar (handmade product can't do 100% same). The above photos only showing you a sample. 

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