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Hong Kong gold coins            Hong Kong Gold Medals

Limited Edition Gold Proof Medals

In Chinese culture, New Year is the most significant festival in the lunar calendar. This is the beginning of the year and  a new chapter in lifes' continuous cycle - the best time to make your future plan, to share  a joyous occasion with family and friends. This is a festival filled with happiness, and traditionally a season to "turn your luck around".

The years are represented by 12 animal symbols.  Some of the twelve lunar animals are drawn from mythology, some have very real qualities. These animals are : the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the goat, the Monkey, the Cockerel, the Dog and the Pig.

Gold coins marking the Chinese Lunar Years have always been popular among collectors. The limited issues of Hong Kong 12 animal gold medals, Issued by the British Royal Mint, your Lunar Gold Medal issue is distinguished by the proof quality of its impeccable, elegant craftsmanship. The design is special indeed, for it is full of symbolism.

AG-88-HKM 1988 Hong Kong Dragon year gold medal


AG-89-HKM 1989 Hong Kong Snake year gold medal


AG-90-HKM 1990 Hong Kong Horse year gold medal


AG-91-HKM 1991 Hong Kong Goat year gold medal


AG-92-HKM 1992 Hong Kong Monkey year gold medal


AG-93-HKM 1993 Hong Kong Cockerel year gold medal


AG-94-HKM 1994 Hong Kong Dog year gold medal


royal_visit_gm.jpg (75973 個位元組) GC-89-HK 1989 Hong Kong Royal Visit gold medal 


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