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  Conditions of Coins

PROOF  Proof coins usually have a mirror-like field and are at least double-struck on specially prepared planchets using highly polished dies. On some, the raised parts of the design have a frosted effect.
UNC  Uncirculated coins must show no visible signs of wear or handling. Bag marks may be present. 
EF Extremely fine. With light overall wear on the coin's highest points. About 95% of the original detail visible. Mint lustre is usually seen only in protected areas of the coin's surface.
VF Very fine. With moderate wear over the entire coin. About 75% of the original detail still visible but the letters and raised parts of the design may be partly worn. Entire design is sharp overall.
F Fine coins will show considerable wear overall. About 50% of the original detail visible. All lettering weak but visible.
VG Very Good. Well worn. About 25% of the original detail still visible. Most fine details such as hair strands, leaf veins, and so on are worn nearly smooth.


  ch_500_nod.jpg (47525 個位元組)Conditions of Paper Money

UNC Uncirculated - A perfectly preserved note without evidence of any fold or handling, Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration, Corners are sharp and square. An uncirculated note will have its original, natural sheen.
EF Extremely fine - A note with light handling. May have maximum of three light folds or one strong crease. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners may be only slightly rounded.
VF Very fine - A note with more evidence of handling and wear. May have several folds, traces of dirt or some colour smudging. The edges show slight wear but no tear. Paper is still relatively crisp and not floppy.
F Fine - A note showing considerable circulation with many folds, creases and wrinkles. Edges may show much handling, with minor tears but here will be no centre hole because of excessive folding. Colors are clear but not very bright. Paper is somewhat dirty and limp. Overall appearance is still desirable.
VG Very Good - A well used note, damaged and soiled but still intact. There may be rounded corners, edge tears, creases, stains, discoloration and centre hole but no piece of the note can be missing.

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