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Some interesting information about Chinese coins

Here below some interesting information about the Chinese coins. I am listing the most popular item information. If you want to know more about my coins, you can feel free to send me e-mail.

Panda     Year of animal     Commemorative currency

China start the Panda series since 1982. There was only gold coins issued in the 1st year 1982 and started to issued silver coin from 1983. 1983, 1984 & 1985 mintage is only 10,000 pieces. So the value increased much and much. Normally the 80's years silver pandas are expensive than the 90's (especially the first year). You may find the 91 silver panda much expensive than the around years. It is because China suddenly reduce 50% of the mintage in 1991. 

5 Yuan 1/2 oz silver Panda : China started to issue 5 Yuan 1/2 oz silver panda since 1993 and stopped on 1999 because China stopped to issued 1/2 oz silver coin since this year. That means there were only 1993-1998 have the 5 Yuan 1/2 oz silver panda issued. The year of 1994 is the most beautiful one because of the design and the quality is much batter than other years. 1993 is the first 1/2 oz silver panda of the panda series. So 1993 & 1994 are much worth than the later years.

Color silver Pandas : China started to issue the color panda series from 1997. There are pair set - 1oz & 1/2oz color pandas for 1997 & 1998 but only 1oz silver panda on 1999(China stopped to issue 1/2 silver coin this year).

Proof Pandas : There is a "P" mark can be found on 1989-1994 proof silver panda 1oz coins. For 1989 and 1992, panda silver 1oz proof & UNC coins with same designs. Only different were the finishing and quality. It is hard to show people which is proof and which is UNC if they only get one on hand. So the designer add a "P" mark to indicate the proof coins. From 1993 up, the proof 1oz with different designs from the UNC 1oz. So after two years (1995), they think it is unnecessary to put a "P" mark on the proof coins. So from 1995 up, all the proof coin without such "P" mark on it. And since 1997, China have proof panda in colored series, but no pure silver series. But colored series only last for three years. After that, no proof panda 10 yuan silver coin minted. You can find the pictures in the panda page.

The below mintage of panda silver coins : 

Issuing years  Kilo 50 yuan / 5oz 100 yuan / 12oz Proof 10 yuan BU 10 yuan
1983 - - - 10,000 no
1984 - - - 10,000 no
1985 - - - 10,000 no
1987  - 11,000 - 31,000 no
1988 - 11,000 5,000 - no
1989 - 10,000 6,000 25,000 255,000
1990 - 5,000 2,500 20,000 200,000
1991 - 4,000 2,500 20,000 100,000
1992 - 4,000 2,500 20,000 no information
1993 - 3,000 2,000 20,000 no information
1994 - 3,000 2,000 15,000 no information
1995 - 1,500 1,000 10,000 no information
1996 - - 800 8,000 no information
1997 - - 2,500 - no information
1998 1,998 - - - no information
1999 1,999     - no information
2000 2,000     - no information
2001 2,000 - - - 500,000
2002 4,000 - - - 500,000
2003 4,000 10,000 10,000 - 600,000
2004 4,000 10,000 - - 600,000
2005 4,000        

Mint factory : Some years Panda coins was minted by two different mint factories. So there were two different versions of same year same size panda coins. Usually they have the similar pattern. Sometimes you can big different between two version. And you also can see small quality different between two mint factories.  

Started from 1981(year of Rooster), There is two series issued up to now. We call the early series (1981-1992) and the current series (1991-2000). The early series are generally much expensive than the current. There is many shapes for these series : Scallop shape, Fan- shaped.

Scallop shape : Issued from 1993 Year of Rooster as the PROOF mint for the year of animals series. It is worth to collect and also can be a investment because the mintage are very very few : Gold-2300 pieces; Silver-6800 pieces. The first scallop coin set is the most rare and also expensive. 

Fan-shaped : Issued from 2000 Year of Dragon. It is a meaningful design and only with very few mintage : Gold : 6600 piece; Silver : 66,000 pieces. Worth to collect. There will be a series of Fan-shaped year of animals. After the 2011 Year of Rabbit issued there will be a full series. It is a great circle buildup by 12 fan-shaped coins. The front face are depicts year of animals for the year; and the other face depicts a GREAT WALL buildup by 12 section of each coin. It is a great design.

China started commemorative currency from 1984. Usually issued one dollar for the face value. From 1993 Giant Panda issued 5 yuan and from 1997 Hong Kong back to motherland - China issued 10 yuan.

If you have any question about my coins, just feel free to ask by e-mail I will reply as more as I know. Hope you enjoy your Chinese coins collection.

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