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This Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Commemorative Charity Banknote is a legal tender note in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This is the only one  banknotes with face value 150 dollar on the world. And this is issue for celebrate the 150th anniversary of Standard Chartered Bank's foundation. 

這張是渣打銀行為慶祝渣打銀行150週年所發行的香港150元慈善紀念鈔票. 這鈔票亦是第一張以150元作為面值的鈔票, 渣打銀行是香港歷史最悠久的發鈔銀行, 見證著香港由一個小漁港發展到今日的世界大都會, 所以對香港來說, 是有很特別意義的.

Standard Chartered is the oldest note-issuing bank of Hong Kong. It seems to Hong Kong, it is very special. This note is NOT issue for general circulation, but for beneficent purpose. The issuing price is HK$280 from Standard Chartered Bank. All net proceeds from this sale will go to the Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, The Community Chest of Hong Kong, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and other charitable organizations in Hong Kong in support of local community and charities.

這張鈔票雖是香港的法定貨幣, 但並不擬作普通流通鈔票使用, 所以發行價連同一小冊子以高過其面值發行, 發行價為HK$280. 這鈔票可隨時到渣打銀行按面值兌換. 鈔票所有淨收益將撥捐渣打香港150週年慈善基金、香港公益金、東華三院及香港其他慈善團體, 以支持香港慈善事業及建設社會.

Each banknote with a nice booklet with some history of Hong Kong and Standard Chartered Bank. All banknotes are brand new uncirculated.

每張鈔票伴隨著一本印刷精美的小冊子發行, 冊內有香港及渣打銀行的簡單歷史介紹, 每張鈔票均是全新未使用的級數. 

Each banknote with a nice booklet with some history of Hong Kong and Standard Chartered Bank. All banknotes are brand new uncirculated.




The front of the banknote features a satellite image of Victoria Harbour with Standard Chartered's corporate colours as its main colour tone. The left section shows Standard Chartered Hong Kong headquarters  while the see-through of the banknote shows the denomination in traditional Chinese Characters. 鈔票正面以維多利亞港兩岸的衛星圖像作為背景, 渣打香港總部聳立其中, 寓意渣打銀行紮根香港150年•鈔票以渣打的藍綠色作為主調, 透視圖案則以中文字展示鈔票面額•

The reverse side demonstrates the history of Hong Kong through iconic images of people from all walks of life taking in the view of the Victoria Harbour from the Peak : a policeman, a mother and her child in a traditional back carrier, a bird fancier, a worker, a woman with a parasol, a businessman on his mobile phone, and a schoolboy pointing at a hawk. These images demonstrate how the people of Hong Kong have contributed to the city's success through the past 150 years. 鈔票背面設計猶如穿梭時光隧道•不同時代、階層的香港人從太平山頂俯瞰現今繁華的維多利亞港, 古今對照, 相映成趣•盡忠職守的警察、揹著嬰兒的母親、弄雀為樂的商家、勤勞的工人、雍容的女士、手執手提電話的上班族和朝氣勃勃的小孩子, 正是過去百多年來香港人共同建設社會的寫照•

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