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1892 Ericsson China Antique wooden wall Telephone set


这一台古董m话的来`不少, 要是你真是懂得m话历史的话, 相信你也知道它就是1892年清朝时期爱立信卖到中ヰ熔臚@批m话, r过那么多V荡的年代如八m军, 孙中山革命, レ@内战, 日军侵X, 抗战胜利, 文化大革命....它也证到这一切一切, 时到今时今日, 它比任何一位人瑞也更錵u, 也更能告诉你在它身上Y生的故事. 人W{有m话的历史很短,1875年6月2日美リH叡埵b波士顿法院路109Y明m话、在1876年获得Y明m话专利开始,到现在也不过132年的历史。每部m话的背后都有一段历史,收藏m话可以让我搜全一段历史,然后把一藹嗾膋历史留给世界。経过VV盪盪的一百多年, 这電話尚保存完好、原z, 展現原來的風采, b在難能可貴

这部m话是爱立信进入中历史的开端,此后百年V,这批m话便难觅影, 1992年,为了纪念爱立信进入中100年,爱立信曾在上海寻找这批古董m话机,但一直未果 r过12年賵薛寻,2004年终于洃W海收藏者]找到了其中帠, 一部已于2004年12月6日回赠给爱立信集[, 另外一部由爱立信(中)有限公司首席市场执行官(CEO)兼f裁张醒生先生在2005年捐出在淘狶@慈善拍卖, 这应该是被Y现的第三部, 也许亦是最完整的一部, 看它小平台上的金磽岸l便可知这是原うz计, 张先生所拍卖的那一台是没有这藻帚, 相信是後来修|的.

这部m话正安放在我们香港的鴠奕&i览, 欢迎爱好者观.

This a real antique wall telephone set. Which found in China mainland. It should be made about 1892 (or before). There are wooden back and structure with metal parts, such like handset, handset holder, ringing bells, and battery door. After so many year, you may not found another one anywhere. It is RARE. This is 100% original condition without clean, modify, repair, renew.

We are not versed enough of telephone, we only crazy attracted by this antique. This is found in China, you may know telephone is not as popular as western countries in China so many years ago. Telephone only popular in China after 1980's. So, only very rich people, company, or warlord can afford a telephone.

For this style should be made for the first order by China to Ericsson on 1892. There is only 2000 pcs made. But now only 3 pcs can be found. Two was sound on 2004 and then one hold by Ericsson and one used to be hold by Ericsson China's CEO - Mr. Chang's hand. To give help to the victim of 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake Mr. Chang donated one for philanthropy auction in This is the 3rd one.  It is use manual cranking magneto and it is still can be revolved.

Covers can be took off, you can see the 3 bars magneto

Manual cranking handle for manual traverse power - still workable

 Another side of the telephone

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