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Lunar Year of Animals  2011 Fan Rabbit issued

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Rabbit Tiger Ox Rat
07_pig_s5oz.JPG (29045 bytes)Pig Dog Rooster Monkey
03_gsheep_round.jpg (23911 個位元組)Sheep 02color_ghorse.jpg (11934 個位元組)Horse 2001_color_snack.jpg (30923 個位元組)Snake Dragon
macau_mouse.jpg (66453 個位元組)     



Fan shape

Round series

5 oz. big coin

KILO silver

   In Chinese culture, New Year is the most significant festival in the lunar calendar. This is the beginning of the year and  a new chapter in lifes' continuous cycle - the best time to make your future plan, to share  a joyous occasion with family and friends. This is a festival filled with happiness, and traditionally a season to "turn your luck around".

    The years in China are represented by 12 animal symbols.  Some of the twelve lunar animals are drawn from mythology, some have very real qualities. These animals are : the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the goat, the Monkey, the Cockerel, the Dog and the Pig.

    The Lunar series is very hot here (it showing it is not only a collectable items, but also a good investment), so you'll find there are many items shorting. Don't worry, we will keep our supplement as fast as we can. If you want any items showing call, that means we will have supplement back soon (try our best). If it showing Sold, that means we are not sure can get supplement in short or not. Just send your want list by email, so we can answer you the possibility and market price by email

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You may see there are so many items showing "sold", it is because such coins are so popular in our side, once we got any back, we will sell out in short, so, if you happen to see any available, just place your order immediately, or you may not see it again.

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Unit price*

From 2006, There is no sealed soft plastic pouch packing, so, don't worry it is not a original packing when you get the coin without it. This is the new packing method of China coins. 2011 some with seal again.

Year of Rabbit

AS-11-10F 2011 Year of Rabbit fan shape silver coin (last of the series) SOLD
99rabbit_thick.jpg (32716 bytes) AS-99-10X 99 Year of Rabbit round PROOF silver coin 1oz sold
color_rabbit.jpg (12336 bytes) ACS-99-10 99 Year of Rabbit colored silver coin 10 yuan 1 oz 


rabbit.jpg (14653 bytes) AS-99-10R 99 Year of Rabbit round silver coin 10 yuan, 1oz sold
99grabbit10.jpg (17146 bytes) AG-99-10R 1999 Year of Rabbit round gold coin 1/10 oz 10 yuan sold
Scallop_rabbit.jpg (38946 bytes) AS-99-10S 99 Year of Rabbit Scallop silver coin 10 yuan 2/3 oz PROOF sold
99gpanda_scallop.jpg (53407 個位元組) AG-99-100S 1999 Rabbit Proof scallop gold 1/2 oz ~RARE~RARE~ sold
99gold_color_rabbit.jpg (14460 bytes) ACG-99-10R 99 Year of Rabbit colored gold coin 1/10 oz sold
AG-87-150 1987 year of Rabbit gold coin 150 yuan sold
AS-87-10 1987 Year of Rabbit silver coin 15 grams sold
99rabbit12oz.jpg (46463 個位元組) AS-99-100 1999 Rabbit year silver coin 12 oz JUMBO sold

  Year of Tiger                                            Back to Top

AGS-2010-F 2010 Year of Tiger fan shape GOLD & SILVER coins SET SOLD
AS-10-10F 2010 Year of Tiger fan shape silver 1 oz coin SOLD
ACGS-2010 2010 Year of Tiger colored gold and silver coins set SOLD
98gtiger.jpg (74476 個位元組) AG-98-10R 98 Year of Tiger gold coin 1/10 oz    sold
98tiger_pr_silver.jpg (66857 個位元組) AS-98-10X 98 China Tiger year PROOF silver 1oz sold
86tiger_15g.jpg (71750 個位元組) AS-86-10 86 China Tiger year silver 15 gram sold
98tiger5oz.jpg (43752 個位元組) AS-98-50
98 China Tiger silver coin 5oz BIG  sold
color_tiger98.jpg (54852 bytes) ACS-98-10 98 Year of Tiger colored silver coin 10 yuan 1 oz  sold
scallop_gtiger.jpg (15808 bytes) AG-98-100S 1998 Year of Tiger scallop gold coin 1/2 oz PROOF Rare


gold_color_tiger.jpg (23431 bytes) ACG-98-10 98 Year of Tiger COLORED GOLD coin 1/10 oz PROOF sold
Scallop_tiger.jpg (23397 bytes) AS-98-10S 98 Year of Tiger Scallop silver coin 10 yuan 2/3 oz PROOF sold
98s_tiger.jpg (40398 bytes) AS-98-10R 98 Year of Tiger round silver coin 10 yuan, 1oz sold
macau_tiger.jpg (36265 bytes) AS-98-MCP 98 Macao Year of Tiger PROOF silver coin sold

 Year of Ox 

AS-09-10F 2009 China Ox year fan shape silver coin 1oz w/gift box sold
AG-09-200F 2009 China Ox year fan shape gold & silver coins set sold
AS-09-10S 2009 China Ox year scallop shape PROOF silver coin w/gift box sold
AG-09-200S 2009 China Ox Year scallop shape Gold and silver Proof coins set sold
97ox_pr_silver.jpg (61652 個位元組) AS-97-10X 1997 China Ox year PROOF silver 1oz  sold
97gold_ox.jpg (16941 bytes) AG-97-10R 97 Year of OX gold coin 1/10 oz, 10 yuan sold
Scallop_ox.jpg (31211 bytes) AS-97-10S 1997 Year of Ox Scallop silver coin 10 yuan, 2/3 oz PROOF sold
scallop_gox.jpg (26465 bytes) AG-97-100S 1997 Year of Ox scallop gold coin 1/2 oz PROOF Rare sold
97ox.jpg (30648 bytes) AS-97-10R 1997 Year of Ox silver round coin 10 yuan, 1oz  sold

Year of Rat

AS-08-R 2008 China Rat year 5oz rectangular shape silver coin sold
AS-08-F 2008 China Rat year 1oz fan shape silver coin sold
AG-08-F 2008 China Rat year 1/2 oz fan shape gold & silver coins set sold
ACS-08 2008 China Rat year color silver coin 1oz sold
AGS-08 2008 China Rat year color gold and silver coin set sold
AG-08-S 2008 China Ra year scallop shape 1/2 oz PROOF gold coin sold
AS-08-S 2008 China Rat year scallop shape 1oz PROOF silver coin sold
AG-96-100 96 China Rat year gold 1 oz sold
84rat_15g.jpg (56215 個位元組) AS-84-10 84 China Rat year silver 15 gram sold
96rat_1oz.jpg (80288 個位元組) AS-96-10X 96 China Rat year PROOF silver 1oz sold
84rat_gold8g.jpg (65296 個位元組) AG-84-150 84 China Rat year gold 8 gram ~RARE~


96grat_scallop.jpg (46610 個位元組) AG-96-100S 96 Rat year Scallop proof gold 1/2 oz ~RARE~RARE~ sold
AS-96-10S 96 Rat Year Scallop Proof silver coin 2/3 oz PROOF sold

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