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2003 Chinese famous classical literary colored silver coins set (1st set) - Pilgrimage to the West


The 1st series of colored silver coin (2-coins set) of the Chinese famous classical literary works Pilgrimage to the West is legal tender of the People's Bank of China. Each coin with a coin case and sealed with a plastic bag. It also contains a nice gift box and Certificate of Authenticity. 

Diameter : 40mm per coin

Material : 1 oz 99.9% pure silver per coin

Face value : 10 yuan per coin

Mintage : 38,000 sets 

Quality : PROOF

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Common back face - depicts the Tang Priest and his three disciples.


** China start this series from 2003, this is the 1st set. You also can find the 2004 2nd set HERE , 2005 - 3rd set HERE:

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