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Modern Silver & Gold coins  of China

Panda coins


Year of Animals

Silver coins 

peking3.jpg (73974 個位元組)

Colored Silver coins 

hk_1_g5oz.jpg (66086 個位元組)

Gold coins

75_hk_visit.jpg (92509 個位元組)

HongKong Gold Coins

macau_car.jpg (48575 個位元組)

Macau coins



Real antique telephone

1996 Hong Kong Christmas post cards 6 sets


1997 $10 coin FDC


China and  Hong Kong

Currency coins f  

2006 new year 1 yuan coin gift set


97-00china_coins_set.jpg (21789 個位元組)


97pfset_frame.jpg (27317 個位元組)

Grade explanation

Worldwide coins



Australian Kookaburra with Phoenix / Dragon Privy

au_kilo_horse.jpg (32128 個位元組)

and MORE... 

Grade explanation

Paper money of China and Hong Kong or Gold foil money

2002 5 EURO 60 pieces uncut sheet

Standard Chartered Bank HK$150 banknote

me_100_74unc.jpg (68205 個位元組) hk_83_50.jpg (152188 個位元組) ch_48_10.jpg (114219 個位元組) gov_1_37.jpg (94892 個位元組)

Gold Foil banknotes(Natures)

Grade explanation

Chinese Art New

Stamps of China and Hong Kong


China Stamps

China stamps

Hong Kong Stamps

Post cards

World stamps

Gold stamps

gf_st2_carmagnola.JPG (46776 bytes)

Gold stamps

MTR (Subway) Ticket & Phone Cards of Hong Kong      
tang.jpg (95504 ????)

and more......

Collection Accessory for Stamps, Coins, Paper and Cards

magnifier.jpg (76084 ????)



Coin case

coin gift box

coin gift box

Ancient Art green_dishs1.jpg (14759 ????) red_pic_dishs.jpg (9779 ????) chop_dishs.jpg (9011 ????) brown_flower_dishs3.jpg (13850 ????) vol_big_dish.jpg (32078 ????)
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Flat A, 8th Floor,
Capital Commercial Building.,
448 Shanghai Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon,
Hong Kong. (by appointment only)
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Shop address :
Shop 150, 1st Floor, 
Ho Mong Kok Shopping Centre, 
169-173 Portland Street,
Mongkok, Kowloon. 
Hong Kong
Telephone : (852) - 5366 2623 歡迎來圖問價


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